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Vintage Matchbox Labels A to Z 
Another Collection that we felt should be shared, a beautiful set of vintage Eastern European matchbox labels from the 50’s and 60’s reworked as an A to Z alphanumeric print. Subjects ranging from road safety, zoo animals, items from around the home, flowers and pets. Beautifully simple illustrations in bold graphic colours combine into one of our favourite collections.
Link to print:
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Hand signed copy of the play Coriolanus. Ships internationally, although it may take a little while if you live far from the UK as fast postage is expensive.
Signed by:
Tom Hiddleston
Mark Gatiss
Hadley Fraser
Alfred Enoch
Peter De Jersey
Deborah Findlay
ENDS 18/1/14
Reblogs only please
Winner will be selected randomly
You don’t have to follow me, but it would be nice
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What I do in my spare time….draw Benny<3
OHOH hurrah for the Sherlock Holmes Season 3!!!! HURRAHH
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what I am working on. I will be printing this on silk screen soon :) excited!
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Ben♥ your nerdy faces make me feel…oooohhhhhhhlala
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Hi lovely people :)
I’ve been ALSO working on this lovely fangirly assignment <3
I had to pick any tv show or video game and draw basically a fan art of it. WELP for me it’s of course SHERLOCK!!!!! (ImsherlockedItellya)
so here is the rough comp of it. Plz lemme know of your opinions and plzplzplz feel free to critique on this! <3